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Nov 13, 2019


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Bike Race Pro is a very classic feature racing game. The game has a variety of rich tracks, the game also has unlocked all motorcycles, there are a variety of motorcycles for you to choose, you can drive your motorcycle in a unique track performance with hundreds of challenging tracks to bring you a different game experience. The game is simple and easy to use, the left button is the brake button, the right is the throttle button, so you can press the screen to accelerate, tilt the phone to control the tilt direction of the motorcycle, depending on the road to determine the speed and direction of the car.


Then there are a variety of features personalized motorcycle on the field to meet your desire for competition and challenge. The plot and scene arrangement in the game is also very cool which also uses the motorcycle stunt show racing mode, so that your battle more durable and diverse.


At the same time, the game painting style is very distinctive. But the game speed is not the most important, because the track has exaggerated juggling characteristics, basically the player control the rhythm to maintain balance. What are you waiting for, if you are interested in Bike Race Pro, come to experience the trial game!


Game features

1. Because of the use of a very realistic physics engine, the player's operating experience will be more realistic.

2. The scene design is also very rich, different scenes will also bring the player different visual experience.

3. Players can also unlock more motorcycles through rewards, these motorcycles have different performance.

4. Drive your motorcycle and perform on the amazing track, a magical show that is beyond the reach of ordinary people. Roll through the air and cross to the highest point.


Game highlights

1. You can get rewards through higher-end operations in order to unlock new levels.

2. The operation is very simple, and the various directional buttons are well simplified.

3. The number of levels is also very rich, allowing players to fully carry out a variety of challenges.



1. The game's graphics are very simple, and the track is made up of lines.

2. The lines are intermittent and not coherent, which makes the game extremely complex and worth figuring out.



Unless you purchase VIP, you will not be able to get any bikes


Game review

Bike Race Pro is an exciting racing game, first of all, the game's graphics are simple and generous, giving players a comfortable feeling. There are thousands of characteristic models, players can choose their own models to train and improve your motorcycle skills, then fight for glory and become the best motorcycle rider. Secondly, the physics engine of this game is very realistic, so players will experience the difficult experience brought by motorcycle driving when operating, players must always keep the balance of the motorcycle, otherwise it will cause the motorcycle to flip over, once the motorcycle flips over, the player's game will fail, so it is also very challenging.

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Bike Race Pro by Top Free Games

Bike Race Pro by Top Free Games

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