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May 17, 2020


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May 16, 2020



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Ultimate Custom Night is a horror survival game developed and produced by Scott Cawthon, released on Steam on June 27, 2018. There are a very large number of items inside the scene. 

This time, if you want to complete the ultimate challenge, there are other tools you must master, such as heaters, air conditioners, global music boxes, generators and other tools.


At the same time, there is a long-standing controversy in this game that the security guard is the culprit in the "Five Night’s At Freddy’s" the whole series or not: the man in purple. Through the death dialogue as well as pass dialogue or eggs and other aspects, the security guard may be the man in purple. For example,  Freddy the Dream Devil: "I was brought back to life by a man, that man was not you, but a man you should not have killed." The man in purple has killed many children, probably including the one "you should not kill."

Game features

1. There are 50 mechanical dolls for you to choose, you can freely choose the type and number of dolls.

2. The difficulty is free to choose. If you choose more dolls, the game will be more difficult and you will get more scores.

3. It still has classic music with the dim environment, giving you a different surprise!

4. All you can do is survive! Find the dolls and beat them!

5. Different equipment can be props for you, such as heaters, air conditioners, generators, etc.

6. The game players are able to customize the levels to challenge through the editing system.

7. Playing as the night guard of the office, you will fend off the mechanical dolls by various means.


Game highlights

1. Super high difficulty game design will provide you with more interesting challenges.

2. Design your own enemy locations and have highly intelligent AI to simulate enemy dynamics.

3. There are 50 different scares, 20 different difficulties, and hidden dolls.



1. There is cartoon game graphics, smooth action, and casual sound.

2. Players need to constantly with the enemy's attack, but also to strengthen their own equipment.

3. There is a mysterious plot, you can join the adventure with your friends.



There may be a delay in the game, especially when you check the monitor or any visual effects.


Game review

Players must walk through all the scenes here, and then find out the clues. Players should pay more attention to the place where monsters may appear, such as corridor, closet and every corner. When you are inside the room, you must close all the doors and windows to prevent animatronics jump scaring you. The whole process of the game has added a lot of horror elements, if this is your first time playing a Five Night’s At Freddy’s game, then be cautious of the jump scares. Then players will enjoy this wonderful and interesting game and immerse themselves in it.

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